About us


Ultimate Medical is dedicated to staying ahead of clinical and medical demand and sourcing the right products for your requirements. We analyze both medical and clinical products and anticipate trial needs, so we have the right products in stock to meet your requirements as soon as we receive your enquiry. Our procurement team have unrivalled market knowledge and can offer you expert guidance on the right products for your trial. With access to many products from the leading Manufacturers, our products range is ever-evolving and customer focused attitude offering innovation, quality, value and choice. If you require special sourcing, Ultimate Medical can be your first contact to related products.


Ultimate Medical specializes in the distribution and supply of the very best quality medical and clinical products that meet the highest standards.

  • We have high focus on customers’ needs,
  •  Prompt delivery with stable and competitive prices,
  • Very reliable supply and excellent service to reputable customers.

With a 97% “on-time and in-full” delivery rate, you can have over-all and complete confidence in our supply and distribution network. Wherever your location is in the U.K and beyond, we deliver the right products in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Ultimate Medical supplies products all over the United Kingdom and have sound and in-depth knowledge of import and export regulations and governance within the U.K and around the globe. We offer the flexibility to supply products to suit your choice and meet your trial requirements at the same time stay in control of your trial. If you require special sourcing, Ultimate Medical can be your first contact to products related to medical and clinical.


As a regular supplier of medical and surgical products, Ultimate Medical organization is dedicated to providing the superior quality products at stable and competitive prices to its customers. In this pursuit, we benefit from lower costs and reduced products defect from our external source- Manufacturers. We have established a solid reputation in quality with stable prices and are confident in our ability to build even better reputation all over the U.K and beyond. We are a reputable quality supplier and distributor of products to reputable customers within the U.K and sourcing products externally, all our leading manufacturers have high focus on customers’ needs and adhere to strict quality control. They are dedicated to providing superior quality products and in this pursuit, meet up to International Standards for producing quality products. As a result, they ensure lower costs and reduced products defect. Highest medical and clinical products are supplied and distributed by Ultimate Medical.

Who we are…

Ultimate Medical Limited is an organisation committed to the supply and distribution of high quality medical and surgical products to the NHS, Private Hospitals, the Healthcare, Medical and industry area. Our aim and target is to deliver a unique combination of care products and direct supply of high standard and quality surgical and medical products such as: surgical gowns and drapes, sterile surgical packs, anaesthetic and oxygen masks, warm up jackets, bowl pack sets, scratch pads, aprons, under pads and many more.

 Furthermore, we also aim to establish a solid reputation with stable, affordable and competitive prices, constant and reliable supply with prompt delivery time and excellent services. We are confident in our ability to build and maintain better reputation all over the United Kingdom and internationally.

We believe that innovation is a vital aspect of our business in all areas helping us to deliver high quality products and distribution services whilst allowing us to provide cost effective solution to meet customers’ needs. Quality is designed into all our products to ensure their integrity. Our goal is to provide the best products for: patients, healthcare organisation, NHS hospitals, surgery centres, home care agencies, and retail pharmacies, offering quality innovation and choice.

If you are interested in Ultimate Medical Products, please request for sample products through our email: sales@ultimatemedicaluk.com

As part of our quality and customer care service, we are able to respond quickly and effectively to our customers and consistently meet their requirements.